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A group of students with one common passion

A Message From the Co-Founders 

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Condy Bao '25

Leader, Co-Founder, and Public Forum Coach 

I have been doing speech and debate for a long time now. After coming to St. Mark’s, I found out that there is not an existing debate organization that provides opportunities for practices and tournaments. I did not want to give up speech and debate, so this year, I participated in the organization of the program and is looking to dedicate more and more in the years coming.

I started debating when I was in 5th grade. Initially, I just used this activity as an opportunity to practice presentation skills. However, after years of debate, I have become substantially more knowledgeable with  the incredible amount of research I did on each topic. I am grateful for the knowledge I gained and wish to continue learning more through this activity. 

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Lori Cui '25

Leader and Co-Founder

Becoming the head of this club was a last-minute decision for me, and I remember putting together the club fair poster hastily. All of the uncertainty in the beginning of the year shifted into fun and eagerness for the club to participate in tournaments frequently and achieve good results. Many people don't think of debate as an activity beyond aggressive arguing--which could not be further from the truth.

I first started debate in 6th grade in Chinese, and was the youngest debater on the team. After moving to the US, I gradually transitioned to PF debate. This year, we have participated in multiple tournaments  and obtained good results. The club hopes to create a cohesive program as well as a passionate team at St. Mark's.


Steven Zhang '24

Leader and Co-Founder

I have done Speech for the past three years. I love poetry, readings, speeches, anything where I or the people around me get to express what they love through words. 

I've participated in Poetry Out Loud for two years. My sophomore year I was awarded State-semi finalist among 14,391 participants. My particular affinity lies in reciting poetry, where I relish in the nuances of voice inflections and the creation of a specific mood that brings the words to life.

Catherine Zhang '26

“The debate Saturday class was really productive for prepping the upcoming tournaments and talking with interesting debaters. It has been consistently one of the best classes throughout my week."
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