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Nov/Dec Student Loan Summary 💰

We had a rough start to our season.

Initially, we had plans to travel to Yale/NYC for tournaments in Sep/Oct, but the plans were put on hold due to traveling/time constraints. We will be there next year though.

Anyway, we travelled to Philly for the Villiger tournament on 11/18-19!!

We had a nice time there, despite our tough losses in the tournament (ended up going 2-3).

On 12/2-3, we again competed in the TOC digital speech and debate series 1, and we had an amazing start after the first day with a record of 2-0. 👏

Unfortunately, we ended up going 1-3 the second day, losing the last two rounds. 🐒

Despite losses, we are looking forward to Jan/Feb. Our schedule is looking stacked!!

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